About Sonjacharde, MSW

My name is Sonjachardé Mixon and I am the founder of Sôl Wellness Coaching, LLC . I am a life coach who specializes in helping people unearth their confidence and nurture their voice and potential in order to transform into the fullest iteration of themselves.


Coaching sessions with me are designed to help you identify your passions and intentions so that I can provide support and guidance to facilitate your journey of self-improvement. Whether you seek accountability, resources, skills assessment or an unbiased opinion, I am here with an open mind and heart to help you blossom into your most beautiful self. As a woman who wears many hats and juggles several titles, I earnestly empathize with the exhaustion that often comes with life and societal pressures. Realistic and achievable goal setting is how we would spend a large part of our time together. My job is not to rush you to accomplish goals quickly, but rather to help you become cognizant of what you are capable of at each phase in your life so that you can live the life you deserve. I believe that no dream is unattainable and our journey can start off at whatever pace you desire. You are always in charge of how and when we get to your final destination.


My clients are often, but are not limited to, women, people of color, parents (single, married or special needs parents) or other persons who feel unheard, have lost their voice and need support. As a single mother to a special needs child and a woman of color, I am conscious of how the responsibilities and expectations that we (and others) place on ourselves can stifle our growth. During coaching sessions, I create a sincere, unpretentious environment for you to be the real you and say exactly what is on your mind. This exchange allows us to build a relationship where you learn to love and embrace your innate complexity, rather than a version of yourself hidden behind a mask of perfection. As a result, we are able to have fruitful conversations that lead to goals that set you on the road to achieve success that encompasses your whole self.

Examples Of Some Needs My Clients Have:

  • Help delineating and achieving realistic life goals
  • Assistance resolving stress and creating healthy life patterns and routines (i.e. food habits, healthy relationships, self-care/wellness)
  • Help improving time management skills
  • Maintaining a work/life/family balance
  • Help unpacking and overcoming the feeling of being “lost,” “in a rut,” or unsure of their life’s purpose
  • Support in restoring a positive self-image or sense of self-worth and rebuilding confidence
  • A place to express vulnerability without fear of judgement


I have over ten years experience as a social worker with a Master of Arts in Social Work from Georgia State University and Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Emory University. I have done extensive work in child and family therapy and, in multiple settings, have worked with immigrants and refugees, women of color, persons with housing insecurity, parents, child and adult trauma survivors with various mental health challenges and physical abilities.


I am a social butterfly who finds joy in life’s little and big beauties. In my free time I enjoy taking baths until my skin is wrinkly, walking around the house with scary face masks, jogging, writing poetry, cooking dishes that remind me of my grandmother, and watching TV shows and movies that make me reminisce about my childhood or that make me laugh until my stomach hurts.

“Our crown has already been bought and paid for. All we have to do is wear it.”

– James Baldwin

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